Solutions to changing needs

We offer a range of services reflecting our vision of integrated communication.

We work in beta mode, always looking for new solutions to the complex problems presented by the challenge of effective communication in the 21st century.

  • Prepared to face the communication challenge in the 21st century
  • Prepared to face the communication challenge in the 21st century
  • Prepared to face the communication challenge in the 21st century
  • Prepared to face the communication challenge in the 21st century

External Communication

We design, execute and measure the effectiveness of a communication strategy in order to connect the company with its external audiences through the media and thus strengthen its corporate reputation.

We know the logic of business and the logic of the media, and with that knowledge we build bridges of trust.

Crisis Management

Taking control of communications, gathering relevant information promptly, projecting scenarios, training spokespersons, and defining messages are key actions when a crisis is underway.

At Comsulting, we are experts in anticipating and managing crises effectively and thus limiting or avoiding reputational damage.

Public Affairs & Communities

We build stakeholder maps using data intelligence, and track constituent and legislative work. This information then serves as basis for a strategy to deal with industry redesign and new legislation.

For environmental approval projects, we develop messaging, train spokespeople and generate community engagement strategies.

Social Media Management

21st-century communications are both offline and online. At Comsulting, we manage traditional media, social networks, portals, as well as our clients' in-house media.

We monitor and generate content with digital logic, carry out digital marketing campaigns, and provide customer service.

Internal Communication

Successful companies put people at the center of their management.

We prepare communication channels, spokespersons, and messages aligned with the overall communication strategy to keep employees meaningfully engaged and in harmony with the company's purpose and culture.


For a leader, communication skills are essential. We offer both theoretical and practical workshops, including options for face-to-face and remote, group and individual sessions, in order to develop spokesperson skills and to teach clients to relate effectively with journalists and communities.

All of which helps leaders deal effectively with the management of a communication crisis.

Identity & Design

The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation and virtual interaction is here to stay. We see design as an effective communication tool.

Remote presentations, populating social media and the web, highlight the importance of image. We have graphic and multimedia designers to help you with the challenge.

Web development

The web is the company's means of communication par excellence. A modern, dynamic and up-to-date website is essential for communication.

At Comsulting, we build and design websites and keep them updated and linked to the brand's social networks.

Studies, Monitoring & Reporting

We carry out thematic studies of current affairs and brand diagnostics by integrating data tools to measure presence in the press and through digital intelligence to analyze social networks,

We work with Power BI and Tableau for integrated media and network reporting.

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